Dan Rogers

JLL CT300 Cross Trainer Review


The JLL CT300 cross trainer is affordably priced, offers multiple resistance levels, a convenient on-board computer and a 5.5 kg flywheel that will help you maximize your workout. The CT300 was our first experience with the JLL brand, and we were pleased with its excellent performance. We’re going to share …

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Orbus XT7 Cross Trainer Review

Orbus is known for producing cross trainers with powerful flywheels, and the XT7 is no exception. With a 12kg flywheel, this elliptical delivers smooth gliding movement and a powerful workout that will leave you feeling spent. Before we delve into our detailed review, let’s take a quick glance at the …

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Fitnessform P1100 Cross Trainer Review

Fitnessform P1100

Being able to get your workout at home will provide you with a lot of benefits. To start, it can save you time and make it easier to fit your workout routine into your schedule. If you are trying to put together a home fitness center, then you will want …

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