Top 5 Best Home Multi Gym Reviews

You don’t have to go to the gym in order to enjoy a full-body workout. With home multi gyms, you can get a quality workout in the comfort of your home.

Going to the gym can be very time consuming, especially if you don’t have one near you. On top of that, sometimes you simply aren’t able to do the workout that you planned because other people are using the equipment in the gym. With home multi gyms you won’t have to worry about these problems.

1. Marcy MD-9010G Home Gym Smith Machine

Marcy MD 9010G


  • Smith machine with linear ball bearings for a smooth motion
  • Low pulley
  • Adjustable bar catches
  • Attachments: straight bar, V-bar, tricep rope, ankle strap, 2 x single handles and lat bar.
  • Cables are rated to withstand 2000 lb tensile strength
  • Maximum user weight: 136kg
  • Maximum weight on the rack: 272kg
  • Dimensions: 216cm (H) x 254cm (L) (including bench) x 203cm (W)
  • Warranty: lifetime frame, 3 years parts, cables and pulleys, 1 year upholstery.

The Marcy MD-9010G Home Gym Smith Machine has everything you need for you to work every major muscle group in your body. Along with the machine you will also receive an exercise chart that will help you identify which parts of the home gym you can use for certain exercises.

If you choose to purchase this home gym, then you won’t have the need to buy any additional equipment. After all, you’re able to perform over a hundred different exercises just by using this home gym.

The assembly of the Marcy MD-9010G Home Gym Smith Machine is pretty straightforward, but because it’s a complex machine it will take you several hours to set it up properly. Keep in mind that it’s not meant to be moved once you assemble it, since it weighs 180 kilograms.

Marcy MD-9010GThis machine has a very sturdy frame that can support up to 272 kilograms of weight. Since it is heavy on its own, you won’t have to worry about its stability even if you’re working with greater weights.

The one thing that this machine doesn’t have is a dip station. However, keep in mind that you can replace this exercise with triceps pushdowns, close grip bench press, cable push downs or a number of other exercises.

This home gym also doesn’t feature a leg press station, but you can use smith machine to do squats, lunges and number of other compound exercises that are better than leg press.

The MD-9010G also comes with safety catches mounted to the steel frame, which means that you could buy a 7ft barbell and use it as a squat rack. This would give you an extra dimension to your workouts and only serious lifters would be able to push the 272 maximum weight capacity.

The only con that I found slightly frustrating is that they don’t provide any of the weight plates that you use on the smith machine. I personally think that they should have atleast included 100kg of weight plates.

Overall, this is a machine that will allow you to work every important muscle group in your body. This home gym wasn’t made for professional lifters, but it has everything that a beginner or intermediate exercise enthusiast needs.

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2. York Perform Multi Gym Review

York Perform Multi Gym


  • 100kg weight stack
  • Dimensions: 196cm (H) x 115 cm (W) x 141 (D)
  • product weight: 162kg
  • Maximum user weight: 125kg
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Attachments: Chest press, pec dec, leg extension, arm curl, low row and lat pulldown.

If you’re looking for a more compact and less expensive home gym, then the York Perform Multi Gym is for you. Built by one of UK’s most respectable and trusted fitness brands, this home gym is challenging, safe, and versatile.

One of the best features of this machine is its compact size, making it easy to fit it in almost any standard-sized rooms. With a weight stack of 100 kilograms, this home gym has enough resistance weight to provide you with a great workout experience.

The York Perform Multi Gym features a chest press, a pec deck, an arm curl, two pulleys, and a leg extension.

The arm curl allows you to change its height position, which will help you work your biceps properly. The lateral pull down bar will help your strengthen your back and will provide you with good posture, while the low pulley will provide you with a seated row exercise option. The leg extension will help you strengthen your quadriceps muscles from a seated position.

One thing you will notice about the York Perform Multi Gym is that it is not vertical like most other home gyms. Because of the angle of the seat, you will actually be able to experience even more benefits from exercises such as lat pulldowns, leg extensions, and others.

When it comes to assembly, the instructions are very clear. Nevertheless, know that you will probably have to dedicate a few hours in order to completely assemble this machine.

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3. Marcy Eclipse HG5000 Deluxe Home Multi Gym

Marcy Eclipse HG5000


  • 90kg vinyl weight stack
  • Adjustable angle seat back pad
  • Independent pec dec arms
  • Exercise attachments: chest press, pec dec, leg extension, lat pulldown, low pulley with foot plate.
  • Maximum user weight: 135kg
  • Dimensions: 211cm (H) x 156cm (W) x 190.5cm (L)
  • Warranty: Lifetime frame, 3 years parts, 1 year pads.

When you look at the Marcy Eclipse HG5000 Deluxe Home Multi Gym it looks like most other home gyms on the market. However, this machine is actually full of surprises that set it apart from the rest.

First of all, this home gym features an adjustable chest press that allows you to choose from an incline press position, flat press position, and shoulder press simply by using a spring loaded release pin to adjust the angle. This allows you to work your muscles from different angles helping to target different areas of the muscles.

The machine comes with an independent pec deck. When you use a standard pec deck, your movement is restricted by weights. With his independent pec deck, you won’t be restricted to a single curved trajectory. In other words, you will get the resistance even though the machine will simulate free weight movement.

Apart from these cool features, you also get a 90 kilogram weight stack, a leg extension, high and low pulley systems, and a middle pulley to help work your abs.

Keep in mind that the Marcy Eclipse HG5000 Deluxe Home Multi Gym is a big machine and that it weighs 130 kilograms. This means that it shouldn’t be moved once it is assembled.

The assembly for this home gym is extremely easy and will only take up 3-4 hours, but it does require 2 people in order to be set up properly.

This is a sturdy and quiet machine that will help work your whole body effectively. One issue with this home gym is that it doesn’t come with instructions and list of exercises that you can perform with it.

Although this won’t represent an issue for people who have lifted before, it may cause some trouble with beginners. Nevertheless, if you do some research you will easily find instructions on how to use this home gym online.

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4. Bodymax Fitness Strength Trainer Multi Gym

Bodymax Fitness Strength Trainer Multi Gym


  • 50kg vinyl weight stack
  • Dimensions: 185cm (H) x 120cm (W) x 160cm (L)
  • Exercise attachments: Leg extension, preacher curl, chest press, pec dec, lat pulldown, low row pulley

If you’re looking for a compact home gym that isn’t too expensive, then the Bodymax Fitness Strength Trainer Multi Gym is the perfect machine for you.

When you purchase this home gym, it will arrive in 5 separate boxes, so you will need to dedicate a few hours of your time to assemble it. Note that this is a relatively small home gym compared to other on the market, so you will have the luxury of placing it in almost any room you want.

This machine features preacher curl bars, a pull-down bar, a hyperextension bench, a leg press, and a seated chest press.

The Bodymax Fitness Strength Trainer Multi Gym also comes with a 50 kilogram weight stack. All of these features will allow for you to perform 20 different exercises, which is great considering the size of this home gym.

Overall, this is a multi gym that’s most suitable for people who want to stay in shape but don’t perform strenuous workouts. It has enough options to help you stay motivated and keep your workouts interesting.

It is a reliable machine that is built to last for several years, which makes it a great investment considering its small price.

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5. vFit Herculean Compact Home Gym

vFit Herculean Compact Home Gym


  • 72kg maximum resistance
  • Exercise attachments: chest press, pec dec, leg extension, leg curls, lat pulldowm
  • Maximum user weight: 125kg
  • Dimensions: 189 (H) x 140cm (L) x 95cm (W)

The vFit Herculean Compact Home Gym is a relatively small and low-priced home gym that will satisfy all your needs if you’re a beginner or at an intermediate level when it comes to lifting.

This is a well-built and comfortable machine that will allow you to work all of your major muscle groups. It features a chest press, a bench press, a pec deck, a leg extension, back leg curls, upright rows, and a lat pull-down bar.

If you’re used to doing strenuous workouts, then the vFit Herculean Compact Home Gym may not be for you. It is mostly made for people who’re simply looking for a practical way to stay in shape without dedicating too much time to exercising.

Keep in mind that you won’t have the option to perform a lot of different exercises (not nearly as many as you can do with a Marcy MD-9010G Home Gym Smith Machine), but it will help you work on sculpting your whole body.

Due to its compact size, the vFit Herculean Compact Home Gym is the perfect machine for smaller spaces like apartments.

This home gym features a double-up cabling system that provides you with up to 72 kilograms of resistance. Its steel tubular frame will ensure that the machine lasts for several years, which is quite impressive considering its price. The maximum user weight is 125 kilograms.

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In Conclusion

In the long run, home multi gyms will save you a lot of money. Although it may look like a big investment at first, after using it for a few years you will see that it was money well spent. Additionally, you will have the option of exercising whenever you have free time. If you have a gym membership then you have to plan every trip to the gym because it takes time for you to get ready and get there. By having a gym in your own home, you will start having a lot more free time.

These machines are designed to be very durable. If you properly maintain them, they could remain perfectly functional for decades. Here are some of the best home multi gyms on the market today.

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