Cross Trainer Workout Tips


People often assume a cross trainer got its name as works across the body but it is actually based on cross country skiing. Cross country skiing is a very versatile exercise and having that in the form of a cross trainer allows for a diverse workout engaging almost all the major muscle …

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Heart Rate Sensors, How Do They Help?

Heart rate slider img

As you may have noticed, the majority of cross trainers come fitted with heart rate sensors. They are those shiny bits of metal that are often found on the handlebars. To make them work you have to hold onto them while they detect the pulse in your hands. They don’t …

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How to Warm Up Before Exercise

Warm up img

Doing exercise is a great way to improve your health and fitness which can result in people feeling more energetic and generally feeling on top of the world. However it is hard to do any exercise and become fitter with a pulled muscle that makes it agony to move. This is exactly …

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