Cross Trainer Benefits

Exercising is Good For You But What Are The

Benefits of A Cross Trainer

You will most likely at some point have heard that doing regular exercise is good for you. However when you actually get around to doing some cardio it doesn’t always feel like it has done much good for you when you can barely walk afterwards!

However it is true that regular exercise has a number of health benefits associated with it but it is important that you enjoy your workouts. I wouldn’t say I “enjoy” doing cardio but when I do I always like to use a cross trainer as it offers a slightly different workout to other exercise equipment. I have gone through the benefits that I find to be true from using a cross trainer.

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Lose Weight

Once you are confident with using an elliptical trainer it is possible to burn more calories than a treadmill or exercise bike even though it does feel more like a brisk walk at times. This is due to the whole body being engaged and you can burn between 8 and 12 calories per minute, depending on your weight.

Improve Cardiovascular Fitness

By performing exercise you will help to improve your body’s efficiency as you become fitter. Your body will become stronger and your heart will be able to pump the blood around your body more efficiently helping to get the oxygenated blood to where it is required faster allowing them to work to maximum of their ability.

Improve Your Strength Helping You to Tone Up

Unlike with a treadmill or exercise bike an elliptical trainer also requires you to use your arms. This helps to engage your core and upper body, which will help tone up all those wobbly bits you want to make firm and tight.

You can also adapt the workout to target the areas you want to hit. For example if you don’t hold the handlebars your body has to work to stay balanced which forces your core to engage helping to tone that mid-section.

You can also target different muscles in your legs by simply going backwards. When you are going forward on a cross trainer your quadriceps are doing the majority of the work. However when you go in reverse your hamstrings and glutes become engaged more helping to strengthen and tone them. Not many machines allow you to go backwards. You would get funny looks from people if you were going backwards on a treadmill!

Good for Rehabilitation After Injuries

Certain forms of exercise can in the long run cause you injury if you are not careful. For instance running puts a lot of strain on  your knees and rowing machines/ exercise bikes can both put a strain your back due to the position that you are exercising, whereas the cross trainer has a nice flowing natural movement.

The movement of a cross trainer can feel quite bizarre when you first use one. So I would recommend starting off nice and slow until you have the confidence to increase the resistance and begin to push yourself.

Boosts your Metabolism

Doing exercise helps to speed up your metabolism, which is all the chemical reactions going on in your body that help keep you alive and functioning. These reactions require energy to take place and the minimum amount of energy your body needs for these reactions to take place is known as your basal metabolic rate (BMR). Performing exercise is the most efficient way to increase your metabolism which results in your BMR rising. Therefore you will burn more calories helping you to lose weight.

Quieter than using a treadmill

While using an elliptical trainer the user’s feet never leave the machine therefore you don’t get the noise of your feet landing back down on the surface like you do with a treadmill.